Head of Data

Enterprise architect and chief data scientist

Designing knowledge

Fabio is a technical enterprise architect, specialising in semantic technologies, big data and data science at large. He is experienced in the design of architectures for data virtualisation, data integration, and topologies for multi-tenancy, distributed knowledge bases.

Visionary, pragmatic, innovative - Fabio has helped organisations pushing the boundaries of orthodox data engineering into next-generation enterprise intelligence.


Once part of an holistic technical design, data starts compounding in value rather than complexity - delivering business advantage at exponential rate.

  • Enterprise data strategy and technical design

  • Linked, Big Data

  • Machine learning and data science

  • Frameworks for knowledge governance


Data strategy

Enterprise data strategy for business advantage


Big Data

Next generation semantic big data


Data science

Powering prediction models through knowledge



I believe in agile delivery as a key risk mitigating technique. Creative collaboration, iterative adjustment, and simplification are crucial factors in delivering to expectations. The world is complex enough, we can’t afford it to be complicated.

Straight talking

From strategic planning, to design, all the way to implementation, the focus must be on delivering value through technology innovation. There is really no space or time for petty politics or ego stroking. I will tell you what I think, openly and honestly, always.

OCD (just slightly)

Technical brilliance and elegant solutions will invariably lead the engineering effort. Pragmatism too, though. It’s not about “exercices de style”, it’s about efficient delivery of value. I don’t chase perfection, maximisation of returns is what I’m after.

What people say..

“I would count Fabio amongst a handful of technical architects who actually have, and want to continue to have, credible delivery ability.“
Graham Smith
Head of Architecture, Experian
“I'd work with him again in a heartbeat.“
Robin Hayden
Head of Data, Telegraph
“A great IT professional with a fantastic business acumen.“
Andy Knight
Director of Retail Sales, MoneyGram International

Epicurean, secularist, family guy. Avid reader, eater, cooker, thinker - often at the same time. Don't forget the towel.

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