Business-focussed, hands-on agile architect.

Architecture knowledge

Julian is a highly experienced agile architect and developer who uses techniques such as real options and evolutionary design to build products and services which optimally exploit new market opportunities for customers. Prior to co-founding Data Language, he was the Chief Technical Architect for bbc.com.

(value)technical leadership

All-round technical excellence and conviction leadership

  • Enterprise solutions architecture

  • Technical strategy

  • Best practice agile delivery

  • Technical Governance


Agile Architecture

Evolutionary software design, pair programming with developers, collation and resolution of implementation issues, communication of collaborative technical vision.


Delivery Ownership

Working with C-level stakeholders and commercial strategy teams to understand business capabilities, customer strategy and market opportunities; technical auditing of existing systems to understand current service capabilities; defining pragmatic delivery roadmaps around which programs of work can then be constructed.


Domain Modelling

Using domain driven design techniques to understand the customer’s worldviews at the product, enterprise and market level to inform software design, data architecture and product strategy.


Unique Perspective

Julian trained as an evolutionary biologist, has studied the philosophy of language, and gained an understanding of options and risk management techniques working in financial services. This background gives him a unique perspective which he brings to bear on customer projects, using adaptive approaches to encoding human knowledge in machine-readable formats which deliver optimal value for least risk and cost.

Delivery Focus

Unshipped software is technology investment liability: it represents certain cost, which has some possibility of turning into an asset should the market hypothesis on which it is based proved well-founded. The way to minimise your current liability is therefore to keep as little unshipped software as possible: identify small, discrete units of high value functionality, deliver them using as little code as possible, and validate their value as early as possible.

Risk Management

Julian uses effective risk management techniques as the foundation of his delivery approach. By minimising the probability of negative scenarios either occurring or causing uncontrolled damage, customers can place themselves in the best possible position to identify and exploit new market and cost savings opportunities.

What people say..

“Julian is one of the smartest people I've met - period. His knowledge and depth of thinking can be scary at times, but coupled with an easy-going and friendly outlook, he's a joy to work with.“
Nic Wise
Technical Architect

Literature, music.

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