AI Engineering

AI Engineering

We provide AI products and scalable machine learning solutions for global brands.

AI for High Value Knowledge Organisations

The Problem: Valuable knowledge locked away.

  1. Organisations have high value knowledge assets distributed across systems.
  2. Archives and services are not connected, and the value is locked away.

How we solve it: Liberate and connect your information.

  1. Our AI SaaS products are easily integrated and trained, using your own content.
  2. Simply plug in our services, and run your content through the APIs.
  3. Our SaaS learns on the fly, and scales up to whatever volumes you require.
  4. No need for cumbersome training cycles, or for Data Scientists to oversee it.

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Our Products

Explainable AI Platform
Explainable AI Platform
Our Explainable AI Platform enables specialized prediction and rapid evolvability, and scales out of the box to meet your needs.
Text AI Services
Text AI Services
Our best-in-class Text AI SaaS Services solve the common pain points at scale in Text Classification, Entity Extraction, and Content Recommendations.
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Scalable enterprise data science is 10% AI and 90% engineering.


Our Text AI Classification Service scales to >100k parallel predictive micro-models, and returns an ensemble prediction result in under 1 second.