The Times "AI for Business" Supplement

The Times "AI for Business" Supplement

Data Language AI - featured in The Times "AI for Business" report - is a set of AI Products that include Explainable AI Platform and Text AI Services.

Data Language is proud to be featured in the "AI for Business" supplement in The Times (10th December 2020).

This supplement covers a range of AI solutions across a spectrum of enterprise use cases.

To implement AI successfully

  1. You need a consistent source of reliable data to feed the AI systems.
  2. You need leadership within the organisation who understand the need to make faster, data-driven decisions.
The Times : "AI for Business" - 10th December 2020.

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  1. Raconteur AI Section
  2. Data Language Explainable AI Platform
  3. Data Language Text AI Services

Our Products

Text AI Services
Text AI Services
Our best-in-class Text AI SaaS Services solve the common pain points at scale in Text Classification, Entity Extraction, and Content Recommendations.
Explainable AI Platform
Explainable AI Platform
Our Explainable AI Platform enables specialized prediction and rapid evolvability, and scales out of the box to meet your needs.
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