Data Driven Product Innovation

Data Driven Product Innovation

Big, Bold, Complex, Fast: We've worked on Innovative Data Platforms for BBC, Sky, Syngenta, Jamie Oliver, and GfK

It’s what we do

Building innovative data driven platforms and products is what we do. We are experts in innovative data driven products and platforms.

We are world class data and software engineers, and build practical machine learning and AI solutions that deliver real business value rapidly.

But we don’t just stop at the platform, our talented developers also build beautiful, accessible data visualisations and user experiences.

How do we do it

Our approach is multi-fold. Tried and tested, and focussed on delivering early value.

Domain-Driven Design

To build a great product it is critical to understand the domain. We use domain-driven design at the outset to gain a broad-enough and deep-enough understanding of the problem space and value-proposition not just to deliver the right solution, but to deliver the right value too.

Minimum Useful Product

Delivering early value is key. Working with stakeholders and the outputs of domain-modelling we identify a Minimum Useful Product (MUP), that is both desirable and viable.

Technical Strategy

We take a practical and pragmatic approach to technical strategy, tailored on business vision, rigorous risk management, lean processes for agile governance, ultimately designing technical solutions to support market opportunities.

Iterative Full-Stack Implementation

We build a feature-driven vertical slice through our platform as early as possible. We automate from the outset using contemporary tooling for continuous delivery, including infrastructure-as-code, and test/behavioural-driven-development patterns.
Our data models are maintained and evolved iteratively too, modelling just-enough to deliver the detail of the evolving-features, while keeping in mind the big picture domain model.
By delivering an early vertical-slice, we identify risks and challenges early. Our vertical-slice is iteratively evolved feature-by-feature to deliver the MUP, with user and stakeholder feedback at each iteration.


Technically extremely good, right the way through from design and building to data infrastructure to software development of semantic web technologies. The guys are really personable which is really good

Chief Science Officer
Richard Tiffin
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