Data Science at Scale

Data Science at Scale

Delivering data science at scale is 10% AI, 90% Engineering

A great AI or ML model is worthless if it can't be delivered in a scalable, cost effective and technically sustainable way. Our data science team excels in the design and implementation of machine and deep learning models for the analysis of data and media at scale.

Data Science seems to have something mystical about it, to the extent that enterprises have almost come to consider it as a magical solution to impossible problems. The reality is that behind DS there are tons of unfashionable data engineering and analysis tasks, before statistical models can be applied to the problem.

Our team of talented experts here at Data Language can leverage years' worth of technical excellence to ensure your AI solution can actually be scaled and delivered at the highest standards of software engineering.

Understand your data

Unlock the full potential of your data through early discovery, analysis, and visualisation.

Learn fast

With so many variables to tweak, rapid feedback and short iteration cycles are imperative to an effective delivery.

Models are software

As with any piece of code, statistical models also benefit from engineering best practices for delivering at scale, with controlled total cost of ownership.


Read our white paper on rethinking how you do data science in your organisation:

Rethinking data science in the enterprise

Our Products

Data Language AI
Artificial Intelligence Engineered
Data Language AI is our suite of industry-beating AI products and services - engineered to be scalable, explainable, and production ready.
Text AI Services
Text AI Services
Our best-in-class Text AI SaaS Services solve the common pain points at scale in Text Classification, Entity Extraction, and Content Recommendations.

Data Language helped Euromoney distill a broad and complex enterprise engineering problem into a deliverable technical and data strategy. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

CTO, Euromoney
Ben Jones
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Scalable enterprise data science is 10% AI and 90% engineering.


Our Text AI Classification Service scales to >100k parallel predictive micro-models, and returns an ensemble prediction result in under 1 second.


We benchmarked our Tagmatic service against Hansard data: a corpus of ~200,000 parliamentary interventions for the 2005/6 period , classified with ~7200 categories, F1 scoring a whopping 0.83


Of large organisations surveyed are not using AI in Production (and 14.6% are). Survey data from CXs in large organisations: 63% of respondents in Financial Services sector, 26% of respondents in Healthcare sector, and the remaining 11% across multiple sectors. Survey by NewVantage Partners, cited in Forbes, January 2020.