Video Micro-Moments: Meet user needs, in the moment

Video Micro-Moments: Meet user needs, in the moment

Meet your user's need, in the very moment when it matters most, by activating your Video Micro-Moments. Create shoppable moments, HowTo moments, FAQ moments and more.

If you are in the business of creating high production-value video, you spend a lot of valuable expertise, time and resources creating the video.

With conventional video publishing, the only part of this that is accessible and usable for your viewers is "the whole video" – you are missing countless opportunities available in your "video moments".

How can you unleash the value that you have locked into your amazing video moments?

Use Video Micro-Moments

Meet user needs at scale, across your video and brand portfolio, using our SaaS product Data Moments to create your Video Micro-Moments.

With Video Micro-Moments you can offer your user relevant information ("Making thyme-flavoured oil, shown below) or the very products that are being used (the pestle and mortar, shown below), right in the very moment when they are needed:

Use our activated Data Moments video moments to meet user needs, exactly when they are thinking "I want to do" or "I want to buy" or "I want to know".

These video moments also surface in search engines, and can be shared on social media, fully unlocking the potential of your video content.

Data Moments - Activate Your Video

Our Video Moment product Data Moments enables you to activate your video moments to meet every user's needs when it matters most - in the moment!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Moments?

Data Moments is a video product that uses structured data to activate video moments. It makes video more discoverable to customers, and more attractive to advertisers. Created by the team at Data Language, it is built from years of experience in metadata and digital video publishing.