Expert Technical Strategy

Expert Technical Strategy

Delivering business advantage through technology.

Working with change, not against it

Change happens: markets conditions change; competitors change; supply, demand, technologies, cultures, people - all change. Successful organisations are those able to respond to change timely and effectively, turning risk into opportunity.
 For business to implement and execute on an effective technical strategy, the ability to adapt to new conditions is the key to success. 
We specialise in evolutionary design, a powerful approach to technical strategy that enables organisations to gain business advantage through fast reaction to market changes.

Whatever the state and history of your technical function, it should never hold back your business vision. Technology should enable and exploit opportunities, not jeopardise your first-mover advantage or get in the way of on your commercial strategy. If you feel your technical estate is making you miss out on business opportunities then give us a call. We can help.

How we can help

We have helped customers from start-ups to bluechip multionationals implement strategies which have delivered ambitious business plans and enabled them to exploit new commercial opportunities. That ability to innovate and evolve has been shaped through:

  • A deep, shared understanding of the business domain
  • A dogged commercial focus on core market differentiators
  • Anchoring everything against customer needs
  • Mapping evolutionary trends in the technologies that support those needs
  • Relentless technological focus on simplicity
  • Rigorous technology risk management
  • Lean processes for agile governance

Data Language helped Euromoney distill a broad and complex enterprise engineering problem into a deliverable technical and data strategy. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

CTO, Euromoney
Ben Jones
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Evolutionary design

Effective evolutionary technical strategies that are continuously aligned to business propositions.

Risk management

Techniques for hypothesis validation and minimisation of negative outcomes are utilised throughout the design and execution of the technical strategy.


Simplicity as competitive advantage. Simpler is better. As simple as that.