How to use domain modeling to improve subject tagging

An introductory guide to tagging, Part 4. Using domain-driven design as a foundation for a better tag strategy.

Why good subject tagging is hard

An introductory guide to tagging, Part 3. Why is good quality subject tagging so hard? The post looks at literature from library science to explore the root causes and possible solutions.

The importance of tagging when publishing on the web

An introductory guide to tagging, Part 2. Looking at the renewed interest in subject tagging and the challenges facing organisations in getting their information management right.

Why the web turned its back on the librarians. And why we need them back.

An introductory guide to tagging, Part 1. Examining how developments in search technology created the perception that good information management practices were redundant.

Data Science is about building software

For Data Science to truly live up to expectations, it must embrace software craftsmanship.

Daisy Architecture

An architecture pattern for pull-based, automated content enrichment in media organisations.

Using S3 Managed Uploads with Dropzone and OpenID to support very large file upload

How-to implement resilient very large file uploads to S3 using Dropzone and OpenID authentication, integrating with the AWS Managed Uploads API and Auth0.

Publishing JSON-LD for Developers

A case for publishing JSON-LD regardless whether you are working with linked data or RDF, with some simple examples

Reassessing Technical Debt

Technical Debt is widely misunderstood. When executed correctly, it can be a powerful enabler of competitive advantage.

Wikidata - Q41483

Thoughts on working with Wikidata from practical experience - its benefits and drawbacks.

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