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The Data Language Knowledge Graph Framework

The fastest way to get a knowledge graph up and running in your organization.

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Why choose the Data Language Knowledge Graph Framework?
Based on years of experience in knowledge graph projects with global brands, we have refined this framework to realize the value of knowledge graphs, and to avoid the pitfalls.
Problem: Where to start?
There are is a tendency to go straight to technology. There are so many options - what is the first step?
Solution: Start with the model.
The foundation of all knowledge graph projects is to understand the domain.
Problem: How do we demonstrate the value?
It can be difficult for stakeholders to understand the possibilities offered by a knowledge graph in your domain.
Solution: Bring it to life with a reference implementation
A reference implementation uses real data from your domain, and enables stakeholders to see the opportunities and tangible benefits of a knowledge graph.

Used by global brands

Customers include:
News Corp
Oxford University Press
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This process enables ambitious organizations to avoid the distractions of technology, and to rapidly launch a knowledge graph.
Silver Oliver - Head of Information Architecture
What does the Data Language Knowledge Graph Framework look like?
These tried and tested steps have been refined to deliver rapid value, and to avoid common pitfalls .
Discovery and Domain Modelling
We work with your subject matter experts, and create a domain model - a map of the important elements of your business and how they relate to one another.
Technology Strategy Assessment
We assess the current state vs the desired state in priority areas, and identify the early value delivery opportunities.
Data Architecture and Data Model
We take the outputs of steps 1 & 2 and create the data architecture and data model for the reference implementation.
Reference Implementation
Using proven technology and processes, we rapidly create a working version of your knowledge graph to explore, and to bring it to life.
Demonstrate the value of a knowledge graph in your organization
You can be up and running rapidly - just book a 15 minute session with us, and we can discuss the opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Knowledge Graph Framework process take ?
From domain modelling through to delivering the reference implementation typically takes 6 weeks. While the actual implementation of a knowledge graph can take just hours in itself, we have found that 6 weeks allows for discovery, domain modelling, business prioritization, information architecture, data architecture, and the delivery of the reference implementation.
What is the difference between a Reference Implementation and a Proof of Concept (PoC) ?
A reference implementation takes a proven approach or concept, and applies it to your problem space to deliver a working system that can be used to test and demonstrate value. This differs from a proof of concept in that the approach is already well established and proven.
How is a Reference Implementation better than a Proof of Concept ?
A reference implementation takes the risk of new technology and new processes out of your project, because it benefits from technology and processes that have already been proven.
What's the right technology for our knowledge graph ?
It is a confusing marketplace with many options and features to select from. Your choices need to be driven by careful consideration of your priorities, and one way to illuminate these is to use a Knowledge Graph as a Service (KGaaS) platform to help illuminate the features you require.