AI Media Classification designed for Media Companies

We have launched the best in breed AI Text Classification as a Service specifically for use by News publishers and The Media.

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Why choose Data Language Text Classification AI?
Based on years of experience in automated classification for knowledge graph projects with global brands, we have refined our AI to make automated Text Classification efficient and intuitive for information managers in all sectors.
Knowledge Graph Aware
Our Text AI Services are natively Knowledge Graph Aware. Take advantage of your semantic data!
Ready to go
Our SaaS services are ready for you to get started immediately.
Scalable and fast
Our SaaS AI performs to high specs and high volumes immediately.
Performance and Scale
Fast, consistent response times for high volume predictive analytics throughput.
Learns on the Fly
Our tools enable your team to create and maintain your golden corpus for highly optimized performance
Secure and Powerful API
Integrate your systems with our simple training and prediction API endpoints

Used by global brands

Customers include:
News Corp
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Our Text AI Services provide a route to organise your content and archives around your own knowledge graph, and to avoid all the common issues with other NLP and ML approaches.
Silver Oliver - Head of Information Architecture
What's it like using Data Language Text AI Services?
Using our powerful API, it's easy to connect the Text AI Services to your publishing systems and archive systems, and it is also very simple to setup a training feedback loop.
Use your own vocabularies
Our AI uses your own terms - no need to map your entities to any other vocabularies!
No Data Scientists Required
Our AI learns on the fly and looks after itself. No need for arduous training routines and data science support!
Language Agnostic
Our AI is language agnostic, and uses pure machine learning. Train it with your own content in any language!
Our AI looks after itself, and does all of its own testing and retraining. No need for computer scientists!
Tailored to your business and your content
You can be up and running rapidly - just book a intro call with our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a AI Text Classification ?
AI Text Classification uses machine learning techniques to automatically classify text content into pre-defined groupings. Text is passed into the AI Classifier, and predictions of classifications are returned. In many cases, data scientists use pre-existing vacabularies, such as DBPedia, as the basis of classification. Increasingly, organizations are seeking to use their own vocabularies, taxonomies and knowledge graphs to provide the classification basis.
What is AI Text Classification used for ?
There are a variety of use cases. AI Text Classification can be used to classify new content as it is being created by editorial or machine processes. It can also be used to classify an archive of content to provide search and discovery features. A growing use case is classifying content for recommendations and personalisation purposes.
Is AI Text Classification Accurate ?
It depends on the quality and quantity of your training material, and on how well your machine learning systems are engineered. Many data scientists create a text classifier as one of their first educational exercises, and we see lots of people hitting the same common issues with text classification. It is an area that looks straightforward initially, and then becomes more difficult as you move your creation into real life production use.