Luminery: Video Moment Technology

Luminery: Video Moment Technology

Video moment innovation used by Jamie Oliver and Rugby World Cup. Luminery creates shoppable moments and actionable moments in video, and connects them with structured data.

Since 2017 we have been developing Luminery - A video moment SaaS platform that massively boosts video reach, engagement, and monetisation opportunities.

Luminery enhances video with machine-friendly structured metadata that enables all players in the video value chain to create new brand experiences, and to harness this new core business data.

Luminery on Jamie Oliver: HowTo and Shoppable Moments

We have been working with Jamie Oliver to make the moments in his video more "Cook along"-able, and to add products to key video moments to create "Shoppable moments".

Luminery promotes products when consumers actually want them. This is Optimised Contextual Commerce
Screen grab showing how Luminery promotes a "shoppable moment" when consumer intent is at its height. These Jamie Oliver Shoppable Moments created CTR of 5.4% and ecommerce conversion of 9.6%

Luminery on the Rugby World Cup: Sport Event Moments

We worked with the Japanese broadcaster J SPORTS to enhance their Rugby World Cup video with activated video moments, promoting their e-commerce products, their SVOD service, and highlighting each important sporting event.

Rugby World Cup moments with new SEO and Social optimisation from Luminery. Each sporting event was labelled with optimised metadata.
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CTR on Video Plays for Product "I want to buy" Micro-Moments on Jamie Oliver Videos. This is 10 x the Video Pre-roll Ad standard of around 0.5% CTR. Statistic source: Luminery on Jamie Oliver videos.


new interactions with Video Moments for every 100 video views on Jamie Oliver. These are brand new interactions meeting user needs in Micro-Moments, that video publishers did not have at their disposal previously. Statistic source: Luminery on Jamie Oliver videos.


of Video Micro-Moments generated by Luminery for the Rugby World Cup were listed in the first page / top 10 of Google Search Results (SERPs). Statistic source: Luminery on Rugby World Cup 2019, for J SPORTS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Video Moment Technology?

Video Moment Technology enables Publishers, Brands and Product Retailers to add new utility and commercial opportunity at a video moment level. Structured video moment metadata is used to connect new highly contextual user experiences, brand promotion opportunities, and to remove the reliance on cookie-based user tracking and conventional video Ads.

How can Marketers use Video Moments to sell products?

Video Moments can be used to meet user needs when they are at their strongest. In the case of Products, you can provide a product moment to show the e-commerce destination that offers a specific product at the exact moment that it is being used or demonstrated in the video. This harnesses the strongest user intent, and typically saves the users many clicks and search tasks.

Why do Video Moments work better than Video Ads?

Video moments connect the user to what they want when they actually want it. For example, we show the user a product that is featuring in a video when they are likely to actually want to buy it. This is in total contrast to the outdated video Ad paradigm of randomly interrupting user experiences with unrelated products when they do not want to buy them (and while tracking them around the internet).

What are Shoppable Moments in Video?

Shoppable moments are when users are given the utility they need to buy a product that they see in the video, in the actual moment when they see it. This can be achieved using technology that allows users to click directly to an e-commerce product offer page from that video moment, or to "Add to cart" in that video moment.