Data Moments Stats - Video Key Moments in the Rugby World Cup

Data Moments is a new type of video experience, where users can interact with moments in video. These are unique opportunities we call Video Micro-Moments, where we can use Data Moments to meet user needs in the actual moment that they occur.

For the Rugby World Cup in 2019, this means enabling rugby fans to discover, navigate and enjoy the great sporting video moments with ease.

Video Moment Reach

  • Challenge: J SPORTS have unique sporting moments within their videos, that cannot be discovered by search engines or users with normal video publishing.
  • Solution: Markup the key sporting events, teams and stadiums with Data Moments structured data video key moments that are optimised for SERPs (Video SEO).
  • Results: 45% of video moments created for J SPORTS Rugby World Cup ranked in the first page of Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). This created a completely new and significant SEO surface area, growing reach by 37%, and creating Google Discover opportunities too (with 4.2% CTR),

Video Marketing Conversion Performance

  • Challenge: J SPORTS run an E-Commerce store selling sporting goods, plus a  Sports SVOD product, and want to increase the traffic from video highlights through to conversions.
  • Solution: Create "Buy in the moment" contextual commerce moments, linking directly to products at key video moments, meeting the user's "I want to buy" video micro-moment need.
  • Results: 1.1% CTR - significantly beating the 0.5% standard for conventional video advertising.

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