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Text AI Services

Essential tools in any digital transformation, our Text AI services are the next generation in NLP and text analytics.

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Based on experience in AI with global brands
Our experience in understanding and solving pain points in structured data has enabled us to develop a fully managed, SaaS-based set of text services using AI and Machine Learning to automate key processes. Why struggle with disambiguation, language limitations and managing NLP rules when AI can do it for you?
Text Classification
Text Classification
Our Text Classification service is state-of-the-art, AI and machine learning engineering. Classify your content using your own vocabularies or knowledge graph, then scale to classify accurately against tens of thousands of terms.
Content Similarity
Content Similarity
Our text Content Similarity service is ideal for content recommendations. It learns any new content once published, then surfaces similar content from the corpus already ingested.
Entity Extraction
Entity Extraction
Our next generation text Entity Extraction service identifies entities inline from your Vocabularies or Knowledge Graph. There are no NLP rules to maintain, just AI.
Entity Relation Extraction
Entity Relation Extraction
Our text Entity Relation Extraction service goes even further by identifying the relationships between entities, using machine learning to predict these relationships from your model.
Production Ready
All the difficult AI engineering and scaling is done for you, across DevOps, DataOps and ModelOps.
Easy to Integrate
No need to make changes to internal workflows, just use our simple API from any system.
Language Agnostic
Works 'out of the box' in any language, and is self-optimizing.
Uses your own vocabularies
No need to match or disambiguate. Just train our services using your content and annotations.
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Our Text AI Services consistently impress because they are self-optimizing, making scheduled training cycles a thing of the past.
Fabio Colasanti - Head of Data
Get AI into production, rapidly
According to Gartner Inc, only 53% of projects make it from artificial intelligence (AI) prototypes to production. Use our AI products to avoid the common pitfalls and unforeseen difficulties in ModelOps, DataOps and DevOps.