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Data Moments

Connect your audience to what they need at each valuable video moment.

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Activate your video with Structured Data
Data Moments activates video by adding structured data moments, used across multiple channels including social media to increase high-intent audience engagement and reach. This creates a better viewer experience whilst also enabling new e-commerce and brand advertising opportunities.
Make your video more discoverable for your customers: Generate Google rich snippet data for every data moment.
New, moment-level structured data enables new user journeys, contextual connections and opportunities.
Make video more attractive to advertisers: Create moment-level brand and commerce conversions.
New Visibility
Video data moments increase your video search and social visibility by creating multiple new opportunities in every video.
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Data Moments allows you to connect good information management practices with your video. Associating knowledge graphs to video at a moment level, means that Google and other machines can understand your video content.
Silver Oliver - Head of Information Architecture
Get more value from your video
Increase your Search Engine reach and CTR with our moment-level structured metadata