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From banking to fund management, from OTC markets to esoteric derivatives, the range and depth of the finance domain are mind-blowing, a level of richness and complexity only second to one thing: the amount of data generated, consumed, analyzed and leveraged in the industry. Big, fast data has become a critical element in this process and many organisations are already well on board with the practice.

What very many don’t do though, is investing in the creation of a framework of domain knowledge for channeling big data and harvesting meaningful insights through semantic lenses. As variegated as they are, many if not all aspects of financial markets are correlated and intertwined; and so are the products and instruments sold and bought. The ability to acknowledge such interconnectedness provides a powerful business advantage in this extremely competitive arena.


Data Language have the experience you need in big data analytics, and the design and implementation of semantically aware big data lakes and platforms.

  • Big data analytics

  • Unique expertise in implementation of semantic data lakes

  • Evidence based systems and analytics for decision support

  • Domain driven design for big data modelling


Award winning

We have helped BCA build an award winning platform for inferring markets trends and investment strategies as informed by world-class macroeconomic reports.


Rich metamodels

Acquire and integrate third party data into your own platform. Overlay rich metamodels and your own proprietary knowledge to generate decision support insights.


Audit trails

We worked with Metal Bulletin and American Metal Market, modelling the supply and demand of commodities, logistics and pricing.

Amongst its 100+ publications, Euromoney covers institutional investors’ fund strategies, as well as funds management and performances. These two halves of the same supply chain have historically been tackled by separate specialist publications, each providing unique insights into its own realm of expertise. When connected into an holistic data model, the resulting product could leverage both sets of insights, providing a fantastic bridging capability and cross selling opportunity across the existing publications.


Big Data, Low Yield

How can I integrate, organise, and leverage all my data? (aka - I got tonnes of it, it costs me a lot, but it doesn’t seem to yield an appropriate value...)


Early Domain Modelling

As in all our solutions, understanding the business need comes first. What are the questions you need your data to answer? Early domain modelling will help you understand the nature of your problem, and provide a roadmap to unlocking the value in your data. Very often, by applying a thin layer of semantics on top of your big data solution, valuable data can be mined much more efficiently, and governance becomes simpler. It’s about making your data work for you - not the other way around.

What people say within Finance

Data Language helped Euromoney distill a broad and complex enterprise engineering problem into a deliverable technical and data strategy, and then led the implementation for us.
Ben Jones
CTO, Euromoney

Success stories


The Delphi project - Linking data at Euromoney

With 13 divisions globally and 100+ digital products, Euromoney had a fantastic opportunity. And they took it.

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