Data that works for you.

Delivering world class engineering expertise in data science, linked data, big data and semantic technologies.

Data Science. Engineered

To deliver useful data platforms, you need to be great engineers as well as brilliant data scientists.

At Data Language we combine vast experience in technical solutions engineering with cutting edge data science. This allows us to not just do magic with data, but build systems that are robust, scalable, and maintainable.

Whether it's big data, linked data, machine learning or AI, we design and build practical and pragmatic technical solutions.


From startups to multinational corporations, we help clients make sense of their data, unlock its full potential and deliver tangible value that lasts.

  • Enterprise technology strategy

  • Technical and data architecture

  • Data science solutions

  • Linked data & semantic technologies

  • Full stack software delivery

Technical and data strategy

Incremental, adaptive delivery driven by commercial opportunities.

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Data Science

A robust and pragmatic data engineering approach to AI and Machine Learning

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Big Data

From insights to analytics, from data science to machine learning: when more is more.

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Information Architecture

Pragmatic, domain-driven solutions for ontology modelling and linked data at scale.

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Full stack engineering

Our engineering team can deliver quality end-to-end solutions, big or small

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Structured approach to governance for complex, matrixed, multi-tenancy clients’ needs.

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Messy data restricting opportunities

If not properly structured, governed and aligned with your business strategy, data may become a hindrance to growth rather than a revenue generating asset. Today’s new breeds of data (big, heterogeneous, unstructured, fast) can quickly compound into a frustrating problem. It just gets in the way.


Take your data to the next level

Linked data and semantic technologies can help to simplify your data, make it easier to understand, govern, and exploit to the fullest. By aligning data with your business, we can unlock its potential to support your strategic technical roadmap.

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