Technical governance

An agile, scalable framework for enterprise technical entropy management.

A fine balance

What is governance if not the continuous struggle against the natural tendency of things to get messy? The second law of thermodynamics is definitive: if left unattended, or poorly looked after, systems tend to get chaotic - and we all have plenty of empirical evidence of this surely! 
The key to governance is striking the right balance between naturally opposing forces: the complexity of systems, and the energy required to keep said systems in the desired state.

Once expressed in these terms, governance boils down to two simple axioms: keep things simple, and design your processes carefully.
Over the years we have refined a scalable, lean framework for change management that, coupled with the right technical architecture, has proven to be highly successful in managing complex systems for multi-matrixed organisations.

Establishing an effective technical governance can be a daunting exercise. Multi-matrixed organisations, fluid start-ups, consolidated enterprises - all have different challenges but the same risk to end up entangled in convoluted processes that slow down efficiency and hinder commercial opportunities. Governance is a fine balance, we can help to strike it.

Further information

Design processes and protocols efficiently by leveraging a solid framework of patterns, tools and methods aimed at minimising the amount of energy spent to keep a system in the desired state.

  • Pragmatic, modern Technical architecture
  • Technical debt management

  • Scalable patterns for responsibility and cost allocation

  • Agile change management policies

  • Automation of change


Lean processes

Processes can be as tricky to manage as the systems they are meant to govern. Simplicity is key.


Agile change management

Iterative, incremental, automated, continuous change for simpler management of change.


Technical and Business debt

Technical debt is ultimately, invariably, a business debt. Try and avoid it, but if unavoidable, then manage it smartly.

Latest insights

Reassessing Technical Debt

Technical Debt is widely misunderstood. When executed correctly, it can be a powerful enabler of competitive advantage.

Resource Identity and httpRange-14

A retrospective on resource identity and the practical implications of httpRange-14 following client handover on a very large semantic publishing program to a financial services client.

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Add one Semantic CMS, stir in one hyperlocal New York media brand.

W42ST is a hyper-local media brand and magazine. Every month, W42ST magazine connects the people who live, work in, and visit Hell's Kitchen, New York, with each other, and the most exciting, authentic experiences possible.

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The Delphi project - Linking data at Euromoney

With 13 divisions globally and 100+ digital products, Euromoney had a fantastic opportunity. And they took it.

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Machine Learning for the newsroom

Our long term relationship with the BBC is testament to the faith the BBC have in Data Language. In 2017 we worked with the BBC to develop a machine learning service to automate the tagging of high volumes of digital content.

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Big Semantic Data for the agri-food industry

Delivering the world’s first big data centre of excellence in agriscience.

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Evidence Based Healthcare at Cochrane

Data Language are working with Cochrane to explore how linked data can be used to enhance their meta-analyses and improve productivity.

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The Institution of Engineering and Technology

INSPEC is a market-leading database of scientific and technical literature that was launched in the 1960s.

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Domain modelling UK Parliament

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What they say about us

Data Language have helped Cochrane transform from a document centric organisation to a data centric one. Their knowledge of linked data and data strategy is world class. They deliver.

Chris Mavergames

CIO, The Cochrane Collaboration

Data Language helped Euromoney distill a broad and complex enterprise engineering problem into a deliverable technical and data strategy. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

Ben Jones

CTO, Euromoney

Data Language have a very high level of knowledge in data modelling and overall skills in technical architecture and semantic workflows.

Sara Sharman

Head of Content Services, IET

Data Language are rock solid people who can manage the whole project from end-to-end. They understand the dynamics of publishing... unparallelled in my humble opinion.

Todd Carter

CEO, Tagasauris

I was impressed with how quickly the Data Language team was able to grasp the unique features of our content and with the great fit between the approaches they suggested and our needs and those of our users.

Lorne Becker

Director of Innovations, The Cochrane Collaboration

Technically extremely good, right the way through from design and building to data infrastructure to software development of semantic web technologies. The guys are really personable which is really good

Richard Tiffin

Chief Science Officer, Agrimetrics

Data Language have great experience in information architecture for broadcasters, which is quite rare. Their enthusiasm has rubbed off on my team, which is a real bonus.

Oliver Bartlett

Head of Recommendations and Metadata, Sky TV

Data Language have been fantastic working with us to develop a set of domain models. Through this process we were able to design a coherent set of ontologies to enable new innovative data driven products.

Michael Smethurst

Data Integration Architect, Parliamentary Digital Service