Big Semantic Data for the agri-food industry

Delivering the world’s first big data centre of excellence in agriscience

Big Data in the Supply Chain Using semantic data lakes and ontology driven data architectures to solve big data problems in the agri-food supply chain.

The Objective

The agri-food supply chain is an highly complex ecosystem in which many factors converge in a delicate balance of opposing forces: sustainability, throughput, ethical farming, technologic innovation, social and financial implication... In a nutshell, the global food challenge.

In this context of interlinked concerns, Agrimetrics set itself up for the most ambitious of mandates: empowering the agri-food sector with better tools for knowledge-driven, evidence based decision support.

What we did

Throughout its ambitious journey and to date, we have helped Agrimetrics design and setup the backbone technical stack to support its core features. Best of breeds technologies have been combined into a logical polystore, providing Agrimetrics with a unique blend of capabilities


Risk management and technical governance to support the business proposition

Technical architecture

Design of the overarching architecture, integration points and supporting processes


Full stack end-to-end implementation of technical estate


From production and sourcing of linked data, to consultancy and sustainability metrics, Agrimetrics can count on a semantics-aware, big data-powered, machine learning-capable ecosystem for data mining and knowledge curation. The global food problem is still complex, but Agrimetrics is now equipped to challenge it effectively.

...the global food problem is still complex, but Agrimetrics is now equipped to challenge it effectively

The data ecosystem that powers Agrimetrics is continuously growing. The ability to analyse large volumes of data at scale, draw correlations and reason on findings means that the pot of knowledge upon which the product portfolio is built is continuously growing, and so are the opportunities to make a real difference in the agri-food system.

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