Machine Learning in the newsroom

A Data Language journey, a long term relationship

The start of our journey

Data Language started life at the BBC. Our founders were key members of the team that designed and built the original BBC Linked Data Platform for Dynamic Semantic Publishing in 2010. The extensive knowledge they gained in the practical application of linked data combined with their background in enterprise scale web architectures provided the springboard needed to launch a technical consultancy.

In 2017 BBC Newslabs asked Data Language to help them develop a machine learning service to automate the tagging of news articles

Digital Media

..a perfect match for linked data
..primed for AI

An ongoing relationship

Data Language have worked with the BBC on a variety of projects. We have helped BBC News Labs explore the use of linked data and graph databases, helping them with their own Hack events, and presenting linked data APIs at Yahoo Hack Europe ,and Google SeedHack.

We have collaborated with the BBC and other national media organisations on a model for News Storylines, and we have worked with them on a Window on the Newsroom product suite that enables BBC news desks to explore and search online news, video and audio content through the semantic augmentation of media assets with open linked data.

In 2017 we were asked to help the BBC design and build a service to automate the tagging of high volumes of digital content with terms from their BBC Things vocabulary. Working with the newslabs team, we developed a machine learning model that would train itself on published articles, and suggest tags for new articles. The model would learn the editorial tagging style from all journalists, and suggest tags in that same style, thus promoting consistency, and saving time across the editorial workflow.


This automated tagging service will streamline and optimise the tagging workflow across the newsroom, promoting consistency and saving journalists time.

Our long term relationship is testament to the faith the BBC have in Data Language to deliver both expertise and value. Long term relationships are as important to us as they are to our clients. Our attitude and approach is to deliver quality and value on all our projects, and this is borne out in the ongoing work with the BBC. It gives us a good feeling when our customers come back for more.

...testament to the faith the BBC have in Data Language to deliver both expertise and value.

The BBC are now integrating the tagging service into their publishing systems and CMS

We look forward to our BBC journey continuing ...

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