The Delphi project

Linking data at Euromoney

With 13 divisions globally and 100+ digital products, Euromoney had a fantastic opportunity. And they took it.

Financial Data Powered by semantic technology and knowledge graphs

The objective

As a global brand in the economic publishing arena, Euromoney control numerous specialist publications spanning from macroeconomics to capital markets, from commodity to real estate, from insurance to intellectual property.

The siloed structure of the company was fast becoming a bottleneck for innovation, with redundancy and overlaps hindering on its ability to evolve with the market.

We turned this on its head and recognised in that very operational structure the opportunity for competitive advantage. Through the application of Linked data and semantic technologies, we aimed at creating a common knowledge hub that could support the company ambitions beyond the existing expectations.

What we did

Throughout a long and complex business transformation programme, we have stood by Euromoney and helped with the execution of a very ambitious strategy. We have been involved in the scoping and management of the programme; we have actively advised the architecture function and got hands on with software design and implementation; we made sure risks were carefully managed and technical governance put in place for effective and efficient delivery.


Risk management and technical governance to support the business proposition

Technical architecture

Design of the overarching architecture, integration points and supporting processes


Helped recruit and lead a large global team through end-to-end software delivery


The Delphi programme delivered a full scale linked data platform, automated semantic annotation and a brand new editorial interface. Linked data and semantic markup meant that content could be leveraged across the enterprise and easily aggregated into new products with near-zero time to market.

An award winning macroeconomics product was launched and parts of the organisation that were previously working in isolation sow an opportunity to maximise revenues by working together. Suddenly the whole was greater than the sums of its parts.

Linked data and semantic markup meant that content could be leveraged across the enterprise...

Euromoney are now equipped with a powerful semantic framework for Linked data, and better equipped to lead the way in a very fluid market sector. As more and more part of the business are plugged into the platform, entropy lowers and new opportunities arise. And it’s not just the client facing products that can benefit from it. Once data is organically governed, other back-end functions could start tapping in it.

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