Domain modelling UK Parliament

Linking data at Digital Parliament Services

Digital Parliament Services develop digital services serving both members of Parliament and the public. We helped get their Linked Data infrastructure on track.

Insight Through domain driven design

The objective

The new Parliament website is built on the Linked Data platform that had been developed over a number of years. We were tasked with making a full review of the data, models and governance processes in place to identify the gap they needed to close to realise their data ambitions.

What we did

We conducted a full review of the data estate in the existing Parliament Linked Data Platform providing recommendations and identifying a key set of steps that would enable Parliament move towards a robust and scalable model, and the data governance strategy needed to deliver it.

We facilitated numerous domain modelling sessions with clerks and subject matter experts across Parliament, creating a broad and comprehensive map of the many functions and concepts dealt with in Parliamentary business. From these domain insights we developed a set of core ontology models that Parliament will be able to develop upon over the lifetime of the project.

Systems Analysis

Performed a complete review of existing data systems estate

Domain Modelling

Built a comprehensive domain model of parliamentary business

Ontology Design

Developed a core set of ontology models describing the domain


With more robust models and processes in place there is now confidence in the ability to build on the Linked Data platform moving forward. The broad domain modelling has also identified the best opportunities for bringing data into the platform and the possible features and user journeys that could be enabled.

...identified the best opportunities for bringing data into the platform...

Parliament digital services are now building out sections of the existing website based on these new models, making new data views available to developers, ultimately delivering a better user experience and improved user journeys.

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