Add one Semantic CMS, stir in one hyperlocal New York media brand

W42ST is a hyperlocal media brand and magazine. Every month, W42ST magazine connects the people who live, work in, and visit Hell's Kitchen, New York, with each other, and the most exciting, authentic experiences possible.

Data Language CMS A semantic CMS based on contemporary architecture, powered by a graph database, with front and back end fully decoupled via APIs

The objective

W42ST takes Manhattan's fastest growing, most exciting, genuinely cool 100 blocks and distills them into an indispensable, highly collectable print magazine, packed with current, relevant and creative editorial, and stunning imagery.

With a growing knowledge base of the coolest people, businesses and experiences in Hell’s Kitchen, W42ST needed to go digital.

What we did

Data Language have been working with W42ST to bring their awesome magazine into the digital world. We have developed a contemporary Semantic CMS that entirely decouples content creation from publication.

Our CMS turns typical CMS publishing on its head. Using a flexible graph based semantic knowledge base, the content is organised around the metadata, where the contextual metadata is a first class citizen.

Knowledge (the people, the places, the business, the Hell’s Kitchen experiences) is curated and maintained in the same way content is authored, either via dedicated data forms, or on-the-fly within the content editor. Media assets and content can then be associated with this knowledge graph, at both the asset level, or with inline semantic-tagging.

Content and knowledge is curated and materialised into a high performance graph database and NOSQL data store using a flexible, customizable content and knowledge model.

Content is delivered via flexible, extensible web service APIs that can be further customised as editorial requirements evolve. Moreover, standards compliant output formats makes for easy, scalable integration of the APIs into common front-end frameworks or technologies. Ultimately developer friendly.

This data-content duality lets us build powerful semantic search widgets, and novel user journeys and user experiences on the media assets and content. Media can be aggregated around the things the editorial, and media assets depict.

Business strategy

Risk management and technical governance to support the business proposition

Technical architecture

Design of the overarching architecture, integration points and supporting processes


Helped recruit and lead a large global team through end-to-end software delivery


W42ST now have a media rich mobile-first digital edition of their magazine delivered from a flexible Semantic CMS that understands the key entities that their editorial is about.

...delivered from a flexible Semantic CMS that understands the key entities...

While the newly launched W42ST website is simple in essence, behind the scenes rich semantic metadata accompanies each media asset. This will allow us to introduce a powerful metadata driven search, and richer user journeys and media aggregations focussing on the things important to the W42ST brand - the people, the businesses, and the experiences in Hell’s Kitchen.

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