Automatic content tagging

Tagmatic is a cloud hosted service that harnesses machine learning and AI to take the hard work out of quality tagging.

Tagmatic integrates easily with your CMS and learns on the fly from your teams.

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AI-powered Tagging for the Newsroom

Tagmatic improves tagging efficiency

  • Intelligently automates tagging
  • Learns from previously tagged content
  • Promotes consistent tagging quality
  • Integrates easily with your CMS
  • Learns new tags on the fly
  • Improves your workflow
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Super Fast

Streamlines your tagging workflow. It suggests tags fast and learns new tags on-the-fly

Consistent Quality

Learns the tagging style from all your journalists and promotes consistency


Uses artificial intelligence to learn and improve as you publish content

Easy to integrate

Integrates incredibly easily with your CMS via a web service

Your own tags

It uses your own vocabulary of tags. No data mapping exercise needed


Tagmatic doesn't just work with English. It works with any roman, greek or cyrillic alphabet

How it works

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