Tagmatic - AI Document Classification

Tagmatic - AI Document Classification

Tagmatic is a highly accurate AI document classification product that works with your classification vocabularies, and is language agnostic.

AI Document Classification

Data Language has been tackling the problem of document classification for many years and has used their wealth of experience in NLP, data science, and text analytics to create a product that is world leading.

Tagmatic is an easy-to-integrate SaaS product that uses AI and machine learning to make content categorisation and tagging as easy and efficient as possible. Our product dramatically reduces the cost and effort associated with tagging and organising written content, speeding up behind-the-scenes processes and ensuring accuracy.

With Tagmatic, the difficult engineering and scaling is done for you,
dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership of developing AI based
classification in-house.

Tagmatic's main features

  • Fully managed Software as a Service, trivial to integrate into your systems
  • Language agnostic
  • Classifies content using your own vocabularies and dictionaries
  • Self optimises and learns on-the-fly independently to your workflow
  • Dramatically reduces the time, cost and complexity of tagging content
  • Gives you more time to do what you do best


We have benchmarked Tagmatic against Reuters RCV1 and Arvix Academic Paper Dataset AAPD and acheived impressive results.  Read more about the benchmarks here.

Tagmatic is perfect for almost any text classifcation problem, and in any language, some of its primary use-cases are :


Tagmatic was orginally built to tackle the challenges that publishers and media organisations have with automatic and human-assisted content tagging: reacting to new terms (tags) fast as they break in news, automatic on-the-fly training, consistency, disambiguation, editorial tagging style  - all this is handled out of the box by Tagmatic.

Tagmatic is perfect for classifiying legal texts and documents, or part-of-documents such as contract clauses. Once trained, it can be used to automate the tagging of incoming legal documents, as well as archives of existing documents. We have demonstrated Tagmatic on Hansard of some 200,000 parliamentary interventions for the 2005/6 period , classified with >7200 categories from the parliamentary library classification vocabulary, and acheived extremely accurate results.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Through our work with Cochrane, we have extensive experience with bioinformatics vocabularies such as SNOMED-CT, MESH, and MedDRA. Tagmatic is ideally suited for the automated classification and tagging of content against these vocabularies, whether for classfiying clinical trials,  patient records, or general medical documents.

Free Trial

If you are a publisher or work with high volumes, or large content archives and are working on or thinking of building your own automated tagging platform, then Tagmatic is an ideal solution - you can be up and running in hours, and reduce your total cost of ownership of building, scaling, and hosting your own AI / NLP based classification solution dramatically.

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