Video Micro-Moments: Meet user needs, in the moment

Video Micro-Moments: Meet user needs, in the moment

Meet your user's need, in the very moment when it matters most, by activating your Video Micro-Moments. Create shoppable moments, HowTo moments, FAQ moments and more.

If you are in the business of creating high production-value video, you spend a lot of valuable expertise, time and resources creating the video.

With conventional video publishing, the only part of this that is accessible and usable for your viewers is "the whole video" – you are missing countless opportunities available in your "video moments".

How can you unleash the value that you have locked into your amazing video moments?

Use Video Micro-Moments

Meet user needs at scale, across your video and brand portfolio, using our SaaS product Data Moments to create your Video Micro-Moments.

With Video Micro-Moments you can offer your user relevant information ("Making thyme-flavoured oil, shown below) or the very products that are being used (the pestle and mortar, shown below), right in the very moment when they are needed:

Use our activated Data Moments video moments to meet user needs, exactly when they are thinking "I want to do" or "I want to buy" or "I want to know".

These video moments also surface in search engines, and can be shared on social media, fully unlocking the potential of your video content.

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CTR on Video Plays for Product "I want to buy" Micro-Moments on Jamie Oliver Videos. This is 10 x the Video Pre-roll Ad standard of around 0.5% CTR. Statistic source: Data Moments on Jamie Oliver videos.


new interactions with Video Moments for every 100 video views on Jamie Oliver. These are brand new interactions meeting user needs in Micro-Moments, that video publishers did not have at their disposal previously. Statistic source: Data Moments on Jamie Oliver videos.


is the highest Video Micro-Moment interaction rate we have recorded on, for the "Making thyme-flavoured oil" video moment. So for every 100 times the moment was "seen", it was interacted -with 62 times.


of Video Micro-Moments generated by Data Moments for the Rugby World Cup were listed in the first page / top 10 of Google Search Results (SERPs). Statistic source: Data Moments video key moments on Rugby World Cup 2019, for J SPORTS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Video Micro-Moments?

Video Micro-Moments are specific user needs that are driving your users to your video, or arising at a particular moment while your users are watching your video. They include "I want to know", "I want to buy", "I want to do", and "I want to go". Google coined the term Micro Moments in 2015 to define this new focus for Marketers targeting mobile users.

How do I publish Video Micro-Moments?

You can use a Video Micro-Moment SaaS product like Luminery to publish activated moments in a video player with your video. You can also embed these moments by topic and content elsewhere across your websites and on partner websites to drive monetisation, discovery and recommendation. Read more about Luminery here.

What interaction rates can you get with Video Moments?

We have seen interaction rates on average 90 interactions per 100 video views in cooking videos (Jamie Oliver) and 15 interactions per 100 video views in Sport (Rugby World Cup). It also varies across Micro-moment types.

What's good about Video Micro-Moments?

Conventional OVPs (Online Video Platforms) publish a video as a single entity, and only this single entity is usable by search engines and users. Video Micro-Moments make each important moment in your video accessible to search engines, to users when they are watching your video, to recommendation systems, and to social media use cases.

How do you create shoppable video micro-moments?

A shoppable video micro-moment is when a user is able to click directly to a relevant product exactly when they want to buy it while watching a video. This satisfies their "I want to buy!" video micro-moment need, and saves them the time and clicks needed to search and find the product.