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Multidisciplined, dynamic, tremendously skilled and fully devoted to delivering actual business value.

About us

Data Language is a highly successful technical consultancy that excels at delivering solutions that carry real business value. We are a multi-disciplined team with expert skills in technical and data architecture at enterprise scale. With Data Language you can count on a unique blend of expertise in a cross-functional team: first in class specialists in big data platforms, semantic technologies, full-stack software development, and contemporary architectures, we have a proven track record in designing and implementing technical strategies for global leading organisations.

Core competencies

  • Pragmatic technical and solutions architecture

  • Data: big, fast, linked, meaningful, and delivering value

  • Technical and data strategy and governance

  • Full life cycle project delivery

  • Experts in the practical application of linked data and semantic tech

Our approach


We take pride in what we do, so technical excellence comes out of the box. This doesn’t mean over-the-top designs or unnecessary academic implementations: we value simplicity and believe in pragmatic solutions that are effective and commercially viable.


We come as a team. We work as team. We deliver as a team. The musketeer approach. You ask a question of one of us, you get a thoughtful response from all of us.
We are not a body-shop. Ask away.


We believe Total Cost of Ownership to be a key indicator of the quality of a technical solution. Whether you can afford to defer it, or make it a 1st class concern from the set go, we will always help you in its assessment, governance and de-risking.

Engagement process

Unlike most consultancies, the engagement process with Data Language is not about sales pitches, unrealistic objectives and unfulfilled promises. Clients need a trustworthy partner with a proven record of delivery; for the very same reasons, we want to make sure we are able to deliver realistic and measurable outcomes, and we will only accept engagements for which we are confident we can provide tangible value to our clients.

Get in touch by phone or email, or come visit us in our office for an initial, informal talk. It’s really as easy as that.

A proven track record, delivering realistic and measurable outcomes

Leadership team

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