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Data Language in the Press

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Some of our recent press clippings, covering technology and structured data innovation spaces.

New Digital Age

How content classification tools can unlock the value of publishers’ data
Our CPO, Matt Shearer spoke to New Digital Age about how AI content classification tools and knowledge graphs can unlock the value of publishers’ data.

AI Business

What are the most common problems when it comes to data for AI?
Our Director of Product Innovation, Matt Shearer, recently spoke to AI Business about the most common problems when it comes to data for AI.

UK Tech News

How Law Firms Can Sidestep Three Classic Digitisation Mistake
We recently spoke to UK Tech News about how law firms can sidestep three classic digitisation mistakes.

AI Magazine

Forget the buzzwords: What will AI really look like in 2021
Our CPO, Matt Shearer, recently spoke to AI Magazine about the two key trends that will have the biggest impact on #AI in 2021.

Technology Magazine - December 2020

Technology Magazine

Digitalisation: Start now or prepare to fail
We spoke to @Technology Magazine on how businesses approach digitalisation as part of their digital transformation strategy. Read the full article here: (page 34)


Solving Business Challenges Through Data
Our CPO Matt Shearer outlines the importance of portable data, and a strong data backbone in digital transformation projects.

New Digital Age

The Future of Personalised Video Advertising
Don't snoop, track and interrupt users! Video advertisers can do a better (and  more ethical) job of raising user awareness of brands by using metadata to reach users at relevant moments. Matt Shearer comments on the structured data opportunity.

Silicon UK

Is Data the Answer To Business COVID-19 Recovery?
Our Product Director Matt Shearer comments on data fabrics, data readiness, and common distractions in digital transformations.

UK Tech News

How AI can shape Europe’s digital future
Our Head of Data, Fabio Colasanti, outlines three areas to address in order for Europe to become a global leader in AI.

September Issue of Digital Innovation Magazine.

Digital Innovation Magazine

Feature: Digital Roadmap – Five Best Practices
Our director of product innovation, Matt Shearer, explains what businesses need to do to become digitally adaptable.

New Digital Age

Video advertising is changing – but not because of COVID-19
Our director of product innovation, Matt Shearer, unpacks the trends in online video consumption that are being accelerated by COVID-19, and explains what advertisers must do to keep up with consumer demands.

Information Age

How DigitalOps links together business models and digital platforms
In this article, Data Language provides three steps a company should take in order to ensure that business models and digital platforms work together effectively.

Figaro Digital

A Moment(ous) Occasion for Video Tech
This article explores how content and digital marketers can best connect with their audience during the COVID-19 crisis, with specific attention to video moment innovation.

Connected Technology Solutions

Rapid response technical delivery at Cochrane
Our CTO Julian Everett outlines how Domain-Driven Design and a loosely coupled, cohesive technical architecture proves its worth in Cochrane’s rapid response to the coronavirus crisis.


前端福音:为什么使用 React 和 SVG 开发图形 UI 是天作之合?
Steve Liles' popular blog post about "Graphical UI's with SVG and React" is syndicated by InfoQ in China.

Silicon UK

What’s Next After Digitization?
In this article, Matt Shearer outlines how businesses must prepare themselves so that they can try new formats and business paradigms without huge rebuilds or duplication of work. Ask yourself: "What is stopping us from launching our next idea rapidly?"

What's New in Publishing

Auto-tagging: AI for publishing beyond the hype curve
We explore the heart of the metadata opportunity for publishers today: AI automated content classification.

New Digital Age

Tech For Good: Cochrane COVID-19 Study Register
Our CTO Julian Everett outlines how the Covid-19 Study Register is a crucial, trusted resource at a time when the evidence base is developing rapidly.

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