Awareness of the strengths and benefits of Knowledge Graphs

When a business is aware of the reasons for using a knowledge graph and importantly the strengths and benefits.
What are the strengths of a Knowledge Graph?
  1. A knowledge graph enables information to be explored and understood by all kinds of users without the need for technical training (given the right user interface).
  2. It enables information to be readily available in a structured form for all business purposes.
  3. Business information assets can be used by artificial intelligence and automation processes.
  4. The data carries both context and meaning which enables portability across the enterprise.
What's the best way to learn about knowledge graphs?
  1. Set up an account with a no-code "Knowledge Graph as a Service" (KGaaS) platform.
  2. Choose one of the ready-made models that already have some sample data.
  3. Explore the data using a graph explorer, so that you can see how it is connected.
  4. Try adding data, deleting data.
  5. Once you feel like you understand how data works with the model, try adding something to the model.