Graphic of knowledge graphs
Art and Graphics by Laura Cattaneo for Data Language use only

Choosing the right graph database

Data Language have extensive experience selecting Knowledge Graph and Graph Database solutions for global brands.

Like most technology decisions, the solution choice should be made only when you have a clear understanding of the problem you are solving and what your user’s needs are, otherwise you may make an expensive mistake.

Not all graph databases are equal

There are a broad selection of graph database features to choose from, and your choice will have fundamental impacts on your capability to deliver your business requirements now and in the future.
These are some of the areas you will need to explore:-

  1. Which underlying graph technology lends itself best to your primary use case - RDF graph, or Labelled-Property graph?
  2. Do you need to use "reasoning"?
  3. What are your scaling requirements?
  4. How do you and your systems need to interact with your knowledge graph?
  5. Is full-text search important?

Explore your primary use case

At Data Language we have extensive experience in graph technologies and can help you make all the right choices.
We use a collaborative approach to establishing customer graph database requirements, and we pride ourselves on being vendor-neutral and independent.
Get in touch - we can help you through the exploratory process.