Luminery is our Video Micro-Moment Product. It activates video moments and creates experiences to increase video reach, engagement, and brand impact. Use Luminery to connect your users with precisely what they need, exactly when they want it.

Meet user needs in every Micro-Moment.

At any given time, your users are thinking "I want to know" or "I want to buy" or "" or "..go", or simply "I want to watch what I love".

You have a multitude of opportunities to satisfy these user needs, if only your users could find the video moments!

Connect your Video Micro-Moments to new Opportunities

Luminery allows you to be there, with the right experiences, products and messages, at the moment when your user's intent is highest. These moments of intent are known as Micro-Moments.

Once created, your Luminery Video Micro-Moments can surface on Search Engines, be shared on Social Media Platforms, and be harnessed in any user journey.

New, Accurate Video Micro-Moment Engagement Analytics

Luminery integrates with your Knowledge Management Strategy to give impression, interaction, share, and CTR analytics on your business terms at a video moment level.

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