SCOPA is our Explainable AI Media Classification Product. It uses ensembles of Machine Learning models to classify media where generic solutions fail. Use SCOPA to quickly deploy Explainable AI services into production, and to adapt as your subject matter evolves.

Your AI Platform for Scalability and Explainability

SCOPA the following advantages over other XAI platforms.

  1. Scalability: SCOPA is ready to scale, in the cloud or "on premises". We have taken care of all the software engineering and scaling concerns.
  2. Explainability: Using our unique "Fingerprint" approach, SCOPA breaks your specialist classification into intelligible scores.
  3. Adaptability: SCOPA's unique "Fingerprint" can be easily adapted as your subject matter naturally evolves, and as your experts learn more, without interrupting mission-critical workflow.

SCOPA is well suited to Robotic Process Automation, and to expert decision support.

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