Graphic of knowledge graphs
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Maturity Model

Knowledge Graph Platform Maturity Model

This Knowledge Graph Maturity Model is a framework designed to help organizations understand the evolution of their knowledge graph initiatives and identify areas for improvement.
Knowledge Graph Journey Initiation - Maturity Stage
A lighthouse project to pave the way of implementing a knowledge graph for your organization. The first step in Knowledge Graph maturity.
Knowledge Graph is an Extensible Platform - Maturity Stage
Your knowledge graph should be extensible and evolvable as your business evolves
Knowledge Graph is a Strategic Asset - Maturity Stage
Your knowledge graph is a strategic asset for your organization and the authoritative source of all core business information and reference data

Knowledge graphs have become increasingly popular in recent years, as organizations seek to better manage and leverage their data assets.

By creating a knowledge graph, an organization can represent its data in a structured and semantically rich format that enables powerful analytics, search, and inference capabilities.

However, building a successful knowledge graph is not a trivial task. It requires careful planning, a deep understanding of the organization's data assets, and the right technical capabilities.

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Maturity Model provides a structured approach to evaluating an organization's progress along the knowledge graph journey. It is designed to help organizations understand the key stages of knowledge graph maturity, from the initial stages of data exploration to the creation of a fully integrated, enterprise-wide knowledge graph.

By following the maturity model, organizations can identify areas for improvement and develop a roadmap for advancing their knowledge graph initiatives.