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Automated Content Tagging using Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The Auto-tagging Playbook, 2024

March 30, 2023
1 minute
After many enquiries about automated content tagging using AI, we have put some of our learnings and expertise, from 14 years of experience in this space, into the Auto-Tagging Playbook.

The common questions we have answered

We have

  1. What kind of AI auto-tagging pattern do I need for my business?
  2. What preparation do I need to make to launch AI auto-tagging?
  3. How do I launch and evaluate AI automated tagging?

Tips for Automated Tagging

We have included 13 tips to steer your product, content and technical teams in the right direction while rolling out your AI auto-tagging, and to save you time combing through endless mistakes and vendor marketing blah-de-blah.

A list of Actions to take

We've listed 11 actions to take to help you on the route to getting your auto-tagging AI service launched.

The largest problems in Auto-tagging projects, and their solutions

Everyone wanders into the traps and issues, so we will save you the bother. We have documented seven of the largest issues, and their solutions, so that you can avoid these or solve them quickly if they arise.