Tagmatic is our AI Text Classification Product. It uses your own terms to automatically classify documents, is simple to integrate, optimises itself, and is language agnostic. Use Tagmatic to reinforce your knowledge management strategy.

Tagmatic is our AI Text Classification Product, borne out of years of experience with automated text classification, solving pain points for global brands.

It uses advanced machine learning and engineering to make content classification and tagging as easy and efficient as possible. Our product dramatically reduces the cost and effort associated with tagging and organising written content, speeding up behind-the-scenes processes and ensuring accuracy.

With Tagmatic, the difficult engineering and scaling is done for you,
dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership of developing AI based
classification in-house.

Tagmatic's main features

  • Fully managed Software as a Service, trivial to integrate into your systems
  • Language agnostic
  • Classifies content using your own vocabularies and dictionaries
  • Self optimises and learns on-the-fly independently to your workflow
  • Dramatically reduces the time, cost and complexity of tagging content
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