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Data Language Joins the IPTC

December 17, 2021
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Data Language becomes an official member of the IPTC, helping to define and promote pragmatic and innovative industry standards.

After a long history of working together on industry standards, Data Language has become an official member of the IPTC.

The IPTC is the global standards body for news & media. They provide the technical foundation for the news ecosystem and involved in setting schemas or models for the exchange of content in news media. For example, this could be deciding how the wires are delivered, working on metadata values, controlled lists of values, and many other functions.

15 Years of Collaboration

Collectively at Data Language we've been working with IPTC on their standards for the last 15 years, and have been actively involved at many stages. We were involved in rNews which was the schema.org for news standards, and more recently we've been contributing to their sports models. Silver Oliver, Data Language's Head of Information Architecture, has been an active member of the sports model working group, developing those models to discover what the next generation might be.

Metadata Innovation in the UK publishing industry

So why did we decide to formalise our involvement with the IPTC?

Their work is highly valuable in the industry and we want to solidify our contribution to the innovation, maintenance, support and development of their standards. We want to help define standards from a Data Language point of view, and with that be able to encourage the adoption of those standards. As we are one of the leading agencies supporting metadata efforts in the UK publishing industry, and given our client expertise, this new relationship with the IPTC is a great fit.

The opportunity to show our knowledge graph product Data Graphs as an example of good industry standards to other members of the IPTC is another reason why we wanted to partner even more closely with them. Having the prestige and quality reputation of the IPTC associated with Data Language and our push to deliver brilliant knowledge graphs offers great benefits. We are also always looking at new patterns and tooling in this space so this membership is an opportunity to validate some of our thinking and our toolsets against what the IPTC is identifying as the direction that they think the industry should be going. It's  a really positive way for us to keep in touch with how the industry itself talks about its needs and what trends are likely to arise.

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