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Effortless Structured Data
Data Graphs provides effortless structured data management. Set up, connect and manage your business-critical information in one easy-to-use product.
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Data Graphs

Data Graphs provides you with ‘effortless structured data management’. Whether you need data catalogs, reference data mangement, or rapid knowledge graphs, this is a foundational tool for your digital transformation.

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Setup is Easy

Setup takes minutes, and this easy-to-use SaaS product can be shared with your team to easily integrate with whichever systems, apps and services you use.

Intuitive User Interface

As a web application, you can import, create, organize, edit, or consolidate your data effortlessly with its intuitive user experience.

Powerful API

Connect your data via its powerful and fast API, define your business critical data and enable your team to explore new opportunities, all managed through the elegant user interface.

All of your Structured Data in One Place

From straightforward data catalogs, to bespoke creation of complex datasets, Data Graphs relieves the common pain points of structured data management and provides the basis for new thinking in your business.

Data Graphs
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