Data Language AI: Text Classification SaaS

As part of our Text AI Services SaaS product range, we are proud to announce the launch of our cutting-edge Text Classification service.

The Problem: Automated Tagging in Custom Domains

We created this service to solve the problems that other NLP Text Classification products could not solve.

Our customers are high-value media organizations. A huge portion of their business asset value is locked in their unstructured text content:-

  • Aboutness: To liberate this value, an accurate classification of content "Aboutness" is required to classify content to the organization's bespoke information architecture models and/or knowledge graphs.
  • Custom Domain: Generic off-the-shelf NLP SaaS solutions do not recognize these custom aboutness classifications.
  • Rich Metadata: Other NLP solutions do not provide the rich metadata, because they are not trained for the custom domain.
  • Rapid Learning: Other NLP solutions can't learn on the fly, and require expensive and time-consuming training cycles to learn new concepts.
  • Cost of Build: "Build it yourself" becomes surprisingly expensive, with a large data scientist and engineering overheads, and organizations find themselves re-solving the same unforeseen challenges that we have already solved.
  • Cost of Maintenance: "Manage it yourself" has a surprisingly large data science and engineering overhead, to overcome production challenges that we have already solved.

Our Solution: Text Classification AI

Our Text Classification SaaS trains itself and learns your team's in-house style while delivering impressive performance results. It also works out of the box at scale for your production platforms.

Our Text Classification SaaS comes with all these benefits immediately:

  • Customized to your Domain: It classifies text content to 100s of 1,000s of entities in a custom domain.
  • Powerful API: It provides a rich API for interacting with the machine learning service metadata.
  • Does its own ML housekeeping: It automatically manages the machine learning model ‘fallout’.
  • Self-Optimizing: It self-optimizes its machine learning models, on the fly.
  • Scalable: It is able to scale up indefinitely.
  • Follows your in-house style: It learns the tagging style of your SME team.
  • Production-Ready: It is Production-ready, out of the box.

All the engineering is done, and the security & maintenance are on us!

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