Video Key Moment Curation

Data Moments activates video moments for The Rugby World Cup

March 10, 2020
1 minute
Data Moments - our Video Moment Technology SaaS - is enhancing video key moments on the J SPORTS Rugby World Cup coverage in Japan.

We're really pleased to announce that J SPORTS is using Data Moments (our SaaS Video Enhancement Platform) to enhance video moments for their Rugby World Cup highlights.

We have been working on this project with our innovation partners at EAI to help J SPORTS use our innovative video moment enhancement technology for SVOD, E-commerce and Sport Event micro-moment promotions.

Why is J SPORTS using Luminery?

J SPORTS were particularly excited about the Data Moments activation of video moments that effectively meet user needs exactly when they arise. Google's marketing evangelists call these moments "Micro moments".

Sporting Event Micro-Moments - "I want to know"

With Data Moments, each sporting moment - tries, conversions, line-outs, penalties etc - has a new opportunity listed on SERPS, shareable, and brand activated.

E-Commerce Micro-Moments - "I want to buy"

With Data Moments, each brand activated moment can feature Contextual Commerce activated promotions for products, when they are actually relevant to the user!

J SPORTS Enhanced Video Homepage

At: - the videos are only available for users in Japan, due to RWC rights restrictions.

The J SPORTS With Data Moments Video Homepage

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