Video Key Moments

The Data Language team members have been working on Video Key Moments since their work at the BBC on Content Graphs in 2010. Since this early work, we have been optimizing the approach and technologies around video moment innovation.
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What are Video Key Moments?

A video key moment is a subsection of a video identified as having specific value in its own right, and marked with metadata to activate that value. It might support any number of viewer needs: "I want to learn, watch, go, do, buy,...".

What are the benefits of Key Video Moments?
  1. Better SEO: Increased surface area for SERPs.
  2. Better discovery: Users can get directly from SERPs to the moment they want.
  3. Better user journeys: Video Key Moments can be interconnected to drive rich serendipitous journeys.
  4. Better Monetization: Sponsors can surface their brand messages in context at the right moment.
What's the best way to create video key moments?

Use a "content graph" platform to publish video key moments (as well as your other media) so that you can interconnect all media assets using a single subject view (SSV). This drives the best context and meaning for your content, and as a result gives the best discovery and engagement capabilities.

Video Key Moments describe valuable areas within a video asset that can be identified and described with structured metadata. They are then used for business purposes to meet user needs: Find, buy, do, go, learn, share, and more.

The history of Video Key Moments

The Data Language Team have been working with video key moments since their work in BBC News and Sport starting in 2010.
In 2012, members of the Data Language team were involved in launching the first large scale content graph in Europe for the BBC 2012 Olympics.

Never Miss a Moment - Video Key Moments in 2012

The central promise of the BBC 2012 Olympics digital experience was "Never miss a moment", and this was certainly a large-scale use of Video Key Moments.