Data Moment video Stats from Jamie Oliver Christmas videos

Data Moments is a new type of video experience, where users can interact with moments in video. For Jamie Oliver, this means getting more from each step in a recipe video, and highlighting products that are used in the video so that viewers can buy them directly.

This video moment had the highest interaction rate: 62% of moment views led to a direct user interaction.
This image shows a "Making thyme flavoured oil" video moment, that had an interaction rate of 62%. 

From a data sample of 1 month of Data Moments on Jamie Oliver video, here are some highlights:

Video Moment Engagement

  • Challenge: Video experiences haven't changed for years. Can we get a new, user-centred experience that dramatically improves how viewers use Jamie Oliver videos?
  • Solution: Identify steps in the recipe, and the techniques, products and ingredients in those steps. Activate the steps as structured "How To" moments using Luminery. Add important products so that users can find them directly.
  • Results: 92 new "moment interactions" per 100 video views. 9.3% Interaction Rate with HowTo steps (compared to the current ZERO).

Video Marketing Conversion Performance

  • Challenge: Jamie Oliver produces a range of products, and creates incredible recipe videos. How do we drive better product sales from these videos?
  • Solution: Identify products in the recipe and activate the moments to help users directly reach and buy the products at the right moments using Data Moments (saving huge conversion fall-off due to searching and uncertainty barriers).
  • Results: 5.4% CTR (clicks as % of video views) generated by the "product moments" (compared to 0.5% of standard pre-roll Ads). 9.6% conversion rate at the Ecommerce vendor destination for Jamie Oliver products.

What does this tell us?

This demonstrates, again, the benefit of using structured video moments to activate new value in Video. We've demonstrated new engagement and revenue -driving opportunities, and a fresh model for video publishing.

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