The Sky News team at BBC News Hack 2014
Hold an Innovation Hack Event to test new ideas using prototypes

BBC NewsHack 2014 - Knowledge Graph Platform provided by Data Language

May 9, 2014
1 minute
This latest BBC News Labs event was held last week in Dublin and Glasgow, and 22 teams from across the News industry took part. We are pleased to be a tech partner!

The Data Language team just spend 2 days with the BBC News Labs team supporting the second NewsHack event, this time across two locations: Dublin and Glasgow.
More detail is available here on the BBC website blog post about NewsHack II.
Data Language is pleased to continue to work with BBC News Labs, providing a knowledge graph prototyping capability for their innovation events.

Hack event launch in Dublin, with Glasgow brand on the Live Video Uplink

Working on BBC Knowledge Graphs since 2010

Since the roll out of knowledge graph tech to BBC Sport for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and then on a larger scale for the 2012 Olympics, the Data Language team has continued to take this innovational approach to other sectors.

Knowledge Graphs are great for prototyping!

Knowledge graphs, with a decent API on top, provide an excellent way to expose data for prototyping, exploration, and problem-solving.