Demonstrate "the art of the possible" with a working prototype

Creating a fully-functioning prototype that uses real data is the best way to demonstrate a new concept to staff and stakeholders; It creates lightbulb moments, and sparks creativity.
What does "art of the possible" mean?

"The art of the possible" is a phrase used to describe the demonstration of exciting new ideas and opportunities. It is often used to generate excitement around prototyping activities.

What are the benefits of a prototype?
  1. Excite stakeholders about a new opportunity.
  2. Reduce risk before investing in a full solution.
  3. Test assumptions using real scenarios.
  4. Validate data dependencies in real scenarios.
When should I create a prototype?
  1. When words and pictures are not enough to truly communicate an idea.
  2. To de-risk unproven and potentially risky technology.
  3. To validate an assumption, or test a hypothesis.