Hold an Innovation Hack Event to test new ideas using prototypes

Assemble teams and partners to explore and test new ideas rapidly, by creating working prototypes that use real data. Avoid endless discussions, and use a Hack Event to efficiently test the potential of new processes and technologies.
How do you run a Hack Event?

Here are our top tips for a good hack event:

  1. Two days is a good length to give a break from BAU, and focus on a shared challenge.
  2. Encourage your participants to form into their own teams.
  3. Kick off quickly, and provide tools, data, and instructions for your topic.
  4. Focus the event on creating working prototypes using real data.
  5. At t-minus 2 hours from the end, hold demo slots of 10 mins max for each team
  6. The demo should include backstory, trials and tribulations, and the actual working prototype.