Domain Driven Design, by Laura Cattaneo
2022 by Laura Cattaneo for Data Language

Hold domain modelling workshops

The Data Language team have been running domain modelling workshops since the BBC domain driven design projects in 2010. Domain-modelling workshops are an important way to foster and improve shared understanding of a core business concepts and relationships.

Running a domain modelling workshop is an effective way to collaboratively define the key concepts, relationships, and rules that govern a particular business domain.

The process outlined by Martin Fowler typically involves gathering a cross-functional team of stakeholders and domain experts, such as business analysts, developers, and subject matter experts.

During the workshop, the group works together to identify the key entities, attributes, and relationships that define the domain, using a range of modelling techniques, such as event storming, user story mapping, and domain-driven design.

The workshop typically involves a series of interactive exercises and discussions, with the facilitator guiding the team through the process and capturing the results in a visual model, such as a domain model diagram or a user story map.

The end result is a shared understanding of the domain, providing a foundation for designing and implementing effective software solutions that align with the business needs.