2022 - by Laura Cattaneo for Data Language
Copyright 2022 - by Laura Cattaneo for Data Language

Information Architecture (IA)

Information Architecture (IA) is the practice of organizing and structuring information so that it can be easily found, used, and understood, and is a key aspect of delivering data driven products.
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Information Architecture at Data Language

Data Language is an industry leader in Information Architecture, including

  1. Information modelling.
  2. Ontology design.
  3. Practical Knowledge Graph implementation.
  4. Content Graph design and implementation.

Pragmatically designed for fast-moving products

Strong and pragmatically designed information architecture is essential for creating successful and effective digital products, services and platforms.
In our experience since 2010 on knowledge graphs, many projects fail due to overly complex ontology design, and subsequently complex and slow-to-market data platforms.

We use Domain Driven Design (DDD)

Domain Driven Design practises and user-centred design approaches are useful tools to focus information and data design on core business needs. We use DDD to provide the backdrop to information architecture, and to inform modelling processes.