Data Language office during RAG Hack - summer 2024
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Graph RAG features for Data Graphs - Data Language Summer 2024 Hack Event

July 9, 2024
1 minute
Our summer's hack event is spearheading new RAG Stack features for Data Graphs

This summer, driven by some fabulous customer projects with LLMs grounded in knowledge graphs, we are going laser-focused on a product feature team Hack Event.

Background: Data Graphs and LLMs

We have a range of active projects that use LLMs alongside Data Graphs, and we are now pleased to be productionising some RAG stack features.
Learning from our previous LLM and KG activities, including hack events (our LLM and KG hack here, and one with Kings College London & Turing Institute LLM KG hack here), we already have a good handle on the opportunities and challenges.

Hack Focus: Conversational UX, grounded in your Knowledge Graph

The focus for this Hack Event is to deliver new Data Graphs features so that our customers can enjoy fully explainable answers to their natural language questions, grounded in the information, data, and stucture of their own knowledge graph.

Watch this space

New blog posts and Data Graphs feature announcements to follow soon!