Graphic of knowledge graphs
Art and Graphics by Laura Cattaneo for Data Language use only

Knowledge Graph Education

A selection of knowledge graph education approaches can be used to help foster understanding of knowledge graph structures and their benefits.

When we help global brands deliver a new knowledge graph platform, we often offer comprehensive training courses during and after MVP delivery in order to help teams better understand the technologies involved.
These can be combined with a business' new domain model to help drive a shared understanding in digital transformations.

Knowledge Graph practical courses include:

  1. An Introduction to Knowledge Graphs and Graph Databases
  2. Designing and Building Domain Models and Ontologies for Knowledge Graphs.
  3. Data Structures for Knowledge Graphs
  4. What is Linked Data?
  5. What is a graph database?
  6. An introduction to RDF
  7. Ontologies vs Instance Data
  8. Reasoning and inference

... and many other areas.

A sound Knowledge Graph foundation for Technical and Non-Technical Staff

While our training does include fairly in-depth technical exercises for the data teams, many foundational areas are great for employees with less knowledge graph experience, helping them build a basic understanding of the fundamental principles.
We also like to make sure that the training we offer is totally tailored to the domain of the project we are working on. While using generic data during our courses can help, if it has little relevance to your own domain, it becomes very difficult to visualise the context and practical applications of the principles we are teaching. Building the course around the client's own domain allows us to provide specific examples that then resonate with the teams, leading to them gaining a greater understanding of the key principles of knowledge graph creation.

There is more than "one way" to do it

It’s also important to remember that the training we have been giving clients on knowledge graph management is just one way of doing it. Our training is bespoke to the patterns and solutions that we have put in place and therefore change and evolve with each new project and partner. Knowledge graphs are not a one-size-fits-all endeavour, each are specifically tailored to a company’s objectives and so the training must also follow that specificity. Our patterns have been developed over more than 10 years of delivering robust, pragmatic solutions to knowledge graph engineering.
Teams also learn about the SPARQL query language. A technical module aimed at developers that is again tailored entirely around your own domain, learning how to query your data starting from basic principles, and building up to a comprehensive understanding of complex query patterns.