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Graph Explorer - Demonstrate your Knowledge Graph

August 2, 2021
2 mins
See the Graph Explorer in action, and try it for yourself so that you can understand your graph, the data, and connections.

The Graph Explorer feature on Data Graphs allows you to navigate through your knowledge graph visually and interact with your data in a new light. Being able to present your information visually in the Graph Explorer helps provide the context, meaning, and interconnection of your data, an essential asset to your digital transformation.

Demonstrate your Knowledge Graph

A clickable graph user interface enables a visual way of explaining how your knowledge graph can work for your stakeholders and users. This approach enables a clickable journey around your business data so that it brings the key information to life. In our experience this approach generates that "lightbulb moment" that you have been looking for!

Try it yourself on our Media Demo

Click here to try out our Media Demo, a read-only version of our product made solely for exploration purposes so that you can try out the amazing capabilities of the product with no strings attached. This knowledge graph is populated by thousands of data points from Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and Amazon and has a plethora of features available to try out including Search, Advanced Search, Path Analysis, and Domain Model.

Kevin Bacon on Graph Explorer

Click here to try out the exact same action being completed in the gif below - exploring the all media data that links to Kevin Bacon... With Graph Explorer you can navigate visually through his films, the countries of those films, other actors he's worked with and much more.

What's the shortest path between Sandra Oh and Ricky Gervais?

Click here to complete the action below - finding the shortest path between Sandra Oh and Ricky Gervais, with path constraints on other actors and shows between 1990 and 2020, and then clicking the Graph Explorer button to visualise the path.

And this entire knowledge graph can be created in just 13 minutes in Data Graphs... Watch this video to find out how.

Find out more about Data Graphs here.

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