Launch a knowledge graph platform

A knowledge graph platform, complete with an API and Webhooks, integrated with core business processes, is a common intervention used to increase speed to market.
Involves these Technologies

Based on years of experience in knowledge graph projects with global brands, we have refined this framework to realize the value of knowledge graphs, and to avoid the pitfalls.

Problem: Where to start?

There are is a tendency to go straight to technology. There are so many options - what is the first step?

Solution: Start with the model.

The foundation of all knowledge graph projects is to understand the domain.

Problem: How do we demonstrate the value?

It can be difficult for stakeholders to understand the possibilities offered by a knowledge graph in your domain.

Solution: Bring it to life with a reference implementation

A reference implementation uses real data from your domain, and enables stakeholders to see the opportunities and tangible benefits of a knowledge graph.